International family mediation

I guide you through your international, family conflict

Is mediation useful for international family conflicts?

As a seasoned mediator specializing in divorce and family matters, I focus on the critical aspects of divorce mediation and parenting guidance. My services encompass comprehensive support in crafting divorce or parenting agreements, with specific emphasis on the interest of the child.

Through professional divorce mediation, you will achieve a balanced agreement, including provisions for child maintenance, custody arrangements and financial agreements fostering cooperative solutions that transcend international boundaries.

Parenting guidance is an integral and pivotal part of my service. Together, we explore the impact of changes such as 'two homes, two rooms, two parents' on children and the decisions you will make in these matters. My approach involves documenting agreements on communication and financial responsibilities,  that withstand the test of time and changing circumstances.

Additionally, I understand the emotional aspects during this challenging period and provide the necessary time and space for emotional processing, ensuring a holistic and supportive journey through the challenges of cross-border separation.

Overcoming Parental Alienation: rebuilding connections with understanding

Parental alienation can be a complex and emotionally challenging experience for both parents and children. As a child grows older and matures, the duration of alienation tends to extend and the distance between the parent and child can widen, making the process of reconnecting more intricate.

It is crucial for parents to collectively address the issue and recognize the potential causes and impact of parental alienation on their lives. Taking back control of the situation requires a deep understanding of what may have led to the alienation and acknowledging its place in your lives.

Distance as a Challenge: Increased physical or emotional distance compounds the difficulty of restoring the connection between parent and child.

Steps Towards Reconciliation:

  1. Self-Reflection: Begin by reflecting on the circumstances that may have contributed to the alienation. Acknowledge any role, unintentional or not, that may have played a part.
  2. Open Communication: Establishing open and honest communication is paramount. Encourage a safe space for the child to express their feelings and concerns without judgment.
  3. Seek Professional Help: Consider involving a qualified family mediator specializing in parental alienation. Professional guidance can provide valuable insights and tools for navigating this challenging journey.
  4. Consistency is Key: Rebuilding trust and connection is a gradual process. Consistency in your efforts, combined with patience, is essential.

What are the advantages of cross border mediation?

You can come to an immediate, efficient solution prioritising the well-being of your child.

You avoid high costs of a courtcase, a lawyer, a divorce and of your child being taken abroad.

Choose my services for professional divorce mediation and parenting guidance, no matter the geographical and emotional complexities involved.

Overcoming parental alienation is a journey that requires empathy, self-reflection, and a commitment to rebuild a healthy parent-child relationship. By taking proactive steps and working together, parents can create an environment conducive to healing and reconnection.

I will guide you in setting up a clear agreement with future arrangements for you as parents and for your child.

Make an appointment to find out where the problem really lies, based on my longlasting expertise and transparant approach.

You can count on a fixed & correct all-in price


What can you do?

Before disappearance of the child >

When the risk exists that your (ex)partner will take the child to another country:

  1. make sure you inform family and relevant people involved (school, city council,...). 
  2. Consult an international mediator to prevent the situation to escalate or action is being taken on the child.
  3. Ask the local authority to state that the partner cannot leave the country with the child or hand out an ID-card or passport, without your permission.
  4. inform the police to set up a ‘ warning sign’ for the parent that might take the children abroad.
  5. In case, consult a lawyer and obtain a judgement through the local legal procedure, so your rights towards your child are confirmed and preventive measures can be mentioned.  When you obtain the recognition/official confirmation in a judgement through the Belgian judicial system (with an Exequatur) to be able to execute your rights (like the parental authority) abroad, you will feel more secure.



* Bare in mind that when your child has a double nationality, a different authority can hand out an ID-card or passport. Contact the embassy of the other nationality for more information! 
* If the risk exists to be abducted to a country where a passport is required, you can add your child to the PASBANN-list in the Passport Service of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs: FOD Buitenlandse Zaken, Tweede Directie Personenverkeer, Karmelietenstraat 15, 1000 Brussel.

* A Belgian judgement will not always be recognised or ‘executed’ abroad. Check your information.

After disappearance of the child >
  1. Call Child Focus to open a file on the free number 116000. A social assistant will check with you what the different options are, contact the different stakeholders and try to find a solution for the return of the child.
  2. Consult an international mediator to prevent the situation to escalate or action is being taken against or with the child. If a dialogue with the disappearing parent is possible the communication will be restored or set up with a mediator through different communication channels : skype, zoom, whereby, email, whatsapp, telephone, ...
  3. When parents come to an agreement through a mediator (or co-mediators), a judicial procedure can be avoided. This will certainly be much cheaper, quicker and more efficient.
  4. When the communication has stopped or is non-existant with the abducting parent, contact the list of recognised mediators in cross border conflicts through Child Focus Belgium, IKO in the Netherlands or MiKK in Germany.
  5. When mediation is not possible, consult a lawyer (with knowledge of International Family Law). 
  6. Check if an international convention with the country where the child is taken to, exists and apply for return through the Belgian Central Authority.
  7. If there is none, go to the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through Embassies and Consulates they will help you trace the child and find a solution.
  8. you can go to the police and file a complaint against the abducting parent. A criminal procedure has an effect on the other efforts made... When your child has disappeared and you don’t know if the other parent took it or not, go to go the police as soon as possible. Come to me to advise you to find your child back safe and sound ! 


Research states clearly that the chances of return of the child are higher and the agreement between the parents is more often executed and lasting when an end has been brought to the abduction. You reach an efficient solution for your international family conflict before or after the disappearance of your child. I will guide you to set up a clear agreement holding future arrangements for you as parents and between you and your child. Make an appointment to clear out the situation, point out the real problem.

My focus is based on a longlasting expertise and transparant approach.

Important adresses

Different networking initiatives work together to solve the international family conflicts for parents after/before or during child abduction :
- Child Focus in Belgium with an international network of trained international Family mediators.
- IKO in the Netherlands : a very good functioning Centre for International Child Abduction. Telephone number : +31 (0)88 - 800 90 00.
- MiKK in Germany : centre, specialised in international family training and conflicts.

What Katrien has to offer

  • After following an international training for mediators in cross border conflicts, specifically child abduction cases (MiKK, Berlin, Germany), I realised the high importance and benefit of bringing ‘mixed marriages’ or couples with a different nationality together around the table.
  • Discuss cultural differences or traditions with me before the conflict escalates and you as a parent take the decision to leave the country with (or without) the child!
  • A longlasting solution for your international family conflict before or after disappearance of your child, by setting up a clear and solid agreement with you as parents on the residence settlement and future of the child and parental authority, for a certain period of time.
  • A broad spectrum of international experiences and long stays abroad, added a lot of ‘color’ to my job with different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • A longlasting solution for your international family conflict, by setting up a clear and solid agreement with you as parents on the residence settlement and future of the child and parental authority, for a certain period of time. 
  • Recognition of gender, cultural differences and the right approach of children in their family context through a wide range of international experiences and long stays abroad (Sarajevo-Yugoslavia, South-Africa, Zimbabwe, USA, Saarbrucken-Germany).
  • Extended skills to bring people with different nationalities to mutual agreements.